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Beyond the Buzzword: How AI transforms the Customer Experience

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You may have noticed Zoom has many products powered directly by Artificial Intelligence. You may have also noticed that AI is everywhere lately. There’s a reason for that.

AI is changing everything, and the revolution has just begun. With our federated approach, we’re embedding AI directly into our core business processes, products, and services. The ripple effect will be massive and far-reaching.

How will these waves impact the customer experience? Whether via faster, more personalized support offerings from AI chatbots, or even their direct experiences within the product like AI chat compose tools, customers will feel the changes before they see them.

Amy Roberge, Head of Global Contact Center Solution Engineering at Zoom, will take us through Zoom’s vision for the next-generation contact center. In this webinar, she will dive into topics like:

  • How can I evaluate solutions when things are moving so quickly?
  • How do we develop stickiness for new ways of working in CX?
  • How can we use AI to power more customized and authentic customer experiences?

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