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Delivering the Future of Employee and Customer Happiness Today

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We’ve all heard a lot about the future of work. And a lot about how AI will impact it. Generative AI has opened up new possibilities for how we communicate, collaborate, and serve our customers. But most of what we’ve heard is that AI is expensive and isn’t ready for every business yet. Or is it? During this webinar, you’ll hear and see Zoom’s vision for revolutionizing the workplace, bringing innovative AI, meetings, communication, and collaboration solutions to market that you can use today.

Smita Hashim, Zoom’s Chief Product Officer, will lead the session showcasing how opening up access to generative AI improves employee engagement and strengthens customer relationships, while managing tight budgets and concerns on data privacy.

Key Takeaways:
• Latest product innovations that are designed to revolutionize how we communicate and collaborate
• Practical applications of generative AI that make it invaluable for businesses today
• How you can enhance productivity and lower your total cost of ownership

This webinar is hosted in English, but has interpretation in Korean. Select your language in the lower right of the screen.

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