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How to develop a Connected Campus Experience

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The face of education has evolved into a world that reaches across traditional classroom barriers and aims to create inclusive and immersive learning experiences from anywhere. To achieve this vision, educators and learners rely heavily on technology that enables seamless collaboration across a variety of devices, platforms, networks, and classroom environments.

To better understand this new landscape and learn how to support educators for years to come, watch the recording with Cecilia Canha (Contact Center Specialist Zoom), Ehab Fedel (Education Lead MENA Zoom), and Rizk Ibrahim (Solutions Engineer Zoom) where you’ll discover:

– What is the Connected Campus?
– The current trends that most impact learners and educators.
– How to plan for a hybrid work environment and learning setting in the new HyFlex world.
– What’s needed to create an inclusive and collaborative learning experience?

With an increase in remote work across the Higher Education landscape, there’s never been a better time to reinvent your plans to support their Hybrid Work Environment and Hybrid Learning Systems.

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