Improving Sales Interactions with Zoom Revenue Accelerator (Formerly Zoom IQ) | Zoom

Improving Sales Interactions with Zoom Revenue Accelerator (Formerly Zoom IQ)

Conversation Intelligence

Enhance productivity, shorten deal cycles, and improve revenue predictability with actionable insights directly from your Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone customer interactions.

For Sales Managers, being able to provide valuable and actionable feedback to sellers is challenging because it’s subjective, anecdotal, and manual.

Zoom Revenue Accelerator  (formerly, Zoom IQ) is an all-in-one experience that simplifies the way sellers work by combining their everyday communication tools with customer insights and integrations. Using Zoom’s easy-to-use UI, Zoom customers can quickly get started with familiar functionality and an intuitive web app.

Join this webinar to learn about how Zoom Revenue Accelerator helps cross-functional teams such as marketing, competitive intelligence, and sales enablement make evidence-based decisions, develop modern sales methodologies, and create messaging that resonates with target audiences.

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