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Insight to Interaction: How Gen AI is Revolutionizing Customer Experience

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Generative AI is transforming customer experience at a rapid pace from customer bot interactions to real-time info for call agents. Join Dr. Radhika Dirks, a Forbes-recognized AI leader, as she explores this revolution, providing essential insights and actionable strategies to adapt.

In this engaging talk, Dr. Dirks explains the three waves of generative AI and its global impact on customer interactions. She shares real-world examples of AI implementation, highlighting both opportunities and pitfalls. Attendees will leave inspired, equipped with the knowledge to responsibly integrate AI into their businesses, and ready to navigate its challenges in an evolving landscape.

Join to learn:

  • 3 current market trends in AI-powered customer interactions
  • What the future AI-powered customer interaction will look like
  • 4 Pitfalls of AI in Customer Experience to navigate around
  • Real-life customer examples from live implementation: efficiencies & what to expect

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