Meet your Superglue: How Zoom Team Chat Streamlines Communications and Beats Out Competitors

Are you paying for Slack or multiple collaboration tools? The pressure is on to trim costs and consolidate tech stacks. Some people believe that consolidation means compromising functionality compared to best-of-breed point solutions. The question is: how do you save without sacrificing productivity and collaboration?

Join Zoom’s industry experts, Matt Christopher and Leo Boulton, as they explore how taking advantage of Zoom’s Team Chat allows organizations to consolidate spending, while actually improving how users proactively collaborate. Come learn how these solutions stack up and how Zoom Team Chat can help you get more out of your collaboration experience for less.

  • From this webinar, you’ll walk away with insights on: Industry trends on the cost benefits of consolidation and employee effectiveness driven by team chat
  • How Zoom Team Chat delivers a superior consolidated collaboration experience without compromising functionality
  • The cost benefits of consolidating onto Zoom
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