Reimagine your Hybrid Work Strategy in Life Sciences | Zoom

Reimagine your Hybrid Work Strategy in Life Sciences

What happens when a globally distributed industry has even more pressure to take products to market in a heavily regulated space with a legacy collaboration system?

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All too often biotech and pharma organizations are stunted by their existing workflows, hindering productivity, efficiency, and overall communication – leading to high costs and slower time to market.

By implementing a state-of-the-art collaboration platform, these organizations:

  • Develop a strong culture for hybrid and onsite employees
  • Have access to better talent acquisition and retention
  • Have realized less of a need for in-person travel
  • Utilize decentralized clinical trial operating models

Join Becker’s Healthcare and Zoom as you hear from experts about their biggest challenges and how collaboration technology has helped, whether it be today or where they see the future headed.

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