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Work Evolved: Create a Great Hybrid Work Culture


Hybrid work can pose a challenge to organizational culture—or it can open the door to new levels of employee engagement and commitment.

In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn about Alexandra’s “FLOCS” model for organizing hybrid work in a way that boosts the engagement of your whole team. FLOCS stands for function, location, organization, culture and schedule: the five dimensions that get your team members on the same page, and ready to do their best work.

This proven framework is for managers and employees to develop their own hybrid plan—one that gets them excited about the opportunities that come from returning to the office part time.

Register today, and Alexandra will demonstrate:

  • The key considerations for adapting your organizational culture to a hybrid workplace
  • How to implement a FLOCS model on your own team
  • Management practices that turn FLOCS into an engine of team success

Practical and highly targeted to your organization’s goals, this workshop is a smart investment for the future of work in the post-pandemic era.

Can’t make it? No worries, register anyway and we will email you a recording!

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